The services we offer can be broadly categorized as Commercial Printing and Wide-Format Printing.

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Commercial Printing (Business Cards, Rack Cards, Brochures, Booklets, Books)

All of the commercial printing we produce in-house is now digital.  We recently sold our largest offset press for scrap even though it was fully functional and capable of high-quality work.  The fact that we scrapped it is a testament to how the printing business has changed – there was literally no market for the press.  The trend toward short run full color projects and shorter lead times has driven commercial printers to adopt digital printing.  As digital equipment evolved in both quality and speed, our offset capability became less and less necessary.

Wide Format Printing (Signs, Decals, Posters, Banners)

We installed a wide-format inkjet printer in 2022 in order to produce signs, decals, and banners.  We can produce coroplast or foamcore signs, decals/stickers, canvas prints, posters, banners, wall and floor graphics, and window clings.

Screen Printing

Although the most familiar application for screen printing is to decorate t-shirts, it can be used to print nearly anything including bottles, window decals, solar cells, membrane switches and metal parts.  We use screen printing to print effects like pearlescents, high-gloss clears, and opaque colors on paper and plastic.  Our screen printing production is UV-cure, the ink “dries” when exposed to ultraviolet light rather than by solvent evaporation.

Specialty Finishing

In the printing business, finishing refers to value-added techniques that enhance the raw printed page.  We have in-house die-cutting, foil stamping, embossing/debossing and UV coating.

Direct Mail

The death of direct mail is greatly exaggerated.  With all the noise associated with email marketing, direct mail can be an effective way to reach prospective customers.  Digital print projects can be addressed at the same time as the project is printed eliminating what used to be a separate operation.  We can also provide advice on mailing lists so that you’re reaching more qualified prospects.